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    We know all the details of a private yacht or a gulet, we have mentioned on the other sections. For the first attendants, we have so many details to explain in detail and they have to read them all to be ready for the marvelous holiday, First of all, the most important factor is to feel the fresh air and to sail with the deluxe gulets.


    Both experence will be unforgettable minutes .Before deciding for the blue cruise ,you have to specify your budget to find the right one for your dream .Think about who will be your partner during the cruise .To be honest, you have to choose your close friend or people from your family. In order to enjoy well, please create your route ,suggest ans vote to your participants. Because you have limited time for this yacht holiday.


    Why ?
    Because you have only 7 days for the gulet charter.
    What is the ideal vessel for the gulet holidayMotoryacht or a sailing yacht.. In fact, It is up to you. According to your budget, you have so many opportunties fort o choose a perfect one, additionally not only expensive yachts you have, you have choice for eceonomical gulets as well. The categories of the yachts are Economic gulets (no air condition ), luxury gulets, deluxe gulets, Vip gulets. These categories can differ the facilities, equipments on board.


    So you can easily make your mind to find the convinent gulet for your group.
    Just small tips for you, during your cruise It is beter to combine fun & historical places.


    Do not postpone your dreams..