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    Private Gulet Charter


    Have you ever been on a private charter before visiting this webpage? If yes,then you will know how of an experience it is.If not, then please listen to what MYGULETS has to say.

    Have you decided to rent a yacht for a dream cruise? Are you a group of friends looking forward to enjoying the beauty of the environment? or a family ready to pack your luggage for an experimental vacation to see hidden bays, historical architectures and ancients cities?


    Luxury Gulet Holidays highly experienced team are here to answer questions directed by clients to help build a dream vacation. We are a proud and hard-working team ready to provide all help required.You decide on the yacht, let us do the rest!


    In our self-organised tours and itineraries, we give you the opportunity to anchor in 2-3 bays and have a cruise upto 4 hours (this may extend to 5-6 hours depending on certain routes)daily. During your visits to these destinations, the last anchor of the day will be for an overnight stay. This could either be a bay or an harbour.


    The motor engine is used frequently to stay ahead of the route, however from time to time, depending on the weather conditions, the crew will be more than happy to use sails aswel.


    Most of our gulets are equipped with a canoe, fishing gears, snorkelling equipments(goggles, snorkells and flippers)and a dinghy with an outboard engine. Some are equipped with a jetski and windsurf. We can also arrange one if requested. Watersports are added as extras and are to be paid on board. You will also have a choice of different watersports in certain bay visits, here you will find professional watersports instructors with reasonable prices. These consist of; banana boating, water-skiing, jet-skiing and ringos.


    Once we have anchored you will be given the chance to walkthrough calm forests and explore what are hidden in the bays and islands.Such as; Ancient architectures, archeological ruins and valuable scenery. Just imagine reading your book under a tent lying down with a little zephyr.What else could you possibly ask for!


    We can contact the local villlage/town and ask to arrange representatives for land excursions. During this tour around the area, sea-lovers are free to take a swim in the crystal blue waters,using snorkelling equipment while others are enjoying their sun-bathing under the bright sun.


    During your booking procedures we will be sending you a PREFERENCE LIST to fill out.The chef will be preparing a deluxe menu for you.This consists of breakfast,lunch and dinner.We will also recommend delicate restaurants where we anchor(optional).It’s worth seeing what the local food restaurants have to offer,wide selection of mezes,fish,meat and chicen dishes.”Delicate Tastes”as our experienced clients say.


    Our clients usually prefer traditional Turkish breakfast consisting of traditional butter, fresh tomatoes, cucumber, boiled eggs, menemen(scrambled eggs with vegetables), honey, jam, Turkish filo-pastry stuffed with feta, cheddar cheese,salami along with Turkish cay(tea;pronounced as Ch-ay).


    Lunch is meals of light vegtarian dishes and salads.As the heating sun will be increasing your body temperature, we have made a decision and recommendation to serve light meals.One lunch course will consist of Traditional Turkish Vegetable dishes,cube-cut or sliced meats(preferable) along with rice,salads,pasta,cous cous,bulgur(cracked wheat)on the side followed by fresh fruits.


    Afternoon tea-breaks will consist of tea or coffee along with crisps,cookies and stuffed filo-pastries(preferable choice by chef).


    For dinner, to start with you will be served a selection of Traditional Turkish, Greek and Middle Eastern starters(mezes).Followed by Main Courses with fish, red-meat or chicken dishes.These will either be grilled on a BBQ or cooked as stews or sautee’s with side dishes of rice,pasta,cous cous,bulgur(cracked wheat) and fresh salads.


    On the preference list, you will see a special requests section, kindly fill out all necessary fields for religious preferences(i.e halal,kosher etc.), information on dietry or other requests.This will be to inform the crew in advance so they can serve what is most appropriate for you.
    As for Full-board supplements, deluxe menu has a reasonable price of 35 € per person per day.
    It’s a rich menu and delicate menu and will include four days of fresh fishes such as; Seabass,Seabream,Calamari,Shrimps(prawns) and three days of red meat and chicken dishes.


    As beverages are excluded, we recommend our clients to shop from the local store or supermarket. Our colleagues will be more than happy to asist you through your shopping.If you personaly do not wish to shop or do not have time to, then you can write specific alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and quantities on an empty paper then send through to us via email.We can purchase these for you and hand you the reciept or detailed invoice on embarkation.


    You may bring extra food, groceries or snacks from outside for storage if you wish. During the anchorage. You are free to purchase anything you would like to be cooked by our chef and served for you(fish,meat etc.).As for beverages,you can bring extra on board,but it will be against the rules if you have BAR SALES on the gulet (buying drinks from the gulets bar)


    Note: Purchasing drinks from the bar is optional by the boat owners (we will inform you from the beginning)