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Yacht Rentals Bodrum

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This charming town of Turkey offers impressions and unique experiences. Palm trees, blue bays, picturesque streets and many more. Bodrum is inevitable for a tourist to charter a yacht.


Today, Bodrum is already a chartering center as this is traditional. Bodrum is such a town that nearly everybody has got boats ranging from small to mega ones. The marina itself has got all facilities for all sailors’ needs.


You can charter a yacht according to your budget. You can rent bareboatscatamaransluxury motor yachts or simply a cabin. When you charter a cabin, you will have more memories as you will meet lots of new friends. While discovering the nature itself, you can discover more people. But if you are fond of your privacy and comfort, chartering a luxury yacht would be more reasonable.


The price difference is great between those two alternatives. Cabin charters offer you moderate prices as you share everything with others. But yacht charters would cost much more, as everything is designed especially for you. You cannot decide an itinerary in a cabin charter because the tour itself was planned beforehand for a group of people. But with yacht chartering, you can decide the itinerary by listening to captain’s advices or you can choose your menus.


Generally yacht rentals for 7 days are popular. But during the season, charters for short terms can happen. No matter how long is your vacation on board, it will be a great memory for you especially if you are in Bodrum.

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