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Yacht Rental

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Yacht rental is a way of spending your holiday in a good way. These kinds of cruises have been arranged in the period of Spring ,summer and autumun which is located along Aegean coast and Mediterrian. There are so many different programs are prepared which consist these coastline.When you want to join one of this program ,first you have to choose one of this itienary.


Your yacht choice has to be; gulets, motor yachts and mega yachts.


Gulet type yachts are typical Turkish made yachts, these yachts -20 -28 m length and 5-8 m beam. They have 6-9 cabins with huge decks and available for groups & big families. These cabins are big enough for your comfort, they have shower, home type toilet as well.


The captain can change the route according to the weather conditions.You have to trust your yacht crew. Because they will organise the best solution for you.


Due to the cruise programme, there are some yacht rental rules that have to be obeyed. One of the first and the most important rule is to use the limited sources on board which is electric and water,has to pay attention to the personal faults. During the cruise, food menu has been arranged according to your choices & wishes.Besides diving, fishing could be done on board, also trekking ,you will have the oppurtunity to see the different bays. Due to the change of comfort of the yacht and variety of the cruise programme, It can differ on the cost of the total.

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