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Gulet Charter Turkey

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Private Gulet or Yacht Charter is renting a complete yacht with her crew and experiences. Gulets are completely requested as ‘yacht charters’ in Turkey but are also known as ‘gulet charters’ because of the kind ofa yacht being choosen..


Gulet Yacht charters are suitable for weekly tours from Saturday to Saturday if you dont want to rent for a specific time ,for a whole week on a gulet charter you may ask about limited period yacht rentals.


The peak season period in Turkey is between the months of July and August , it cannot be so easy to find suitable gulets for less than a week during these months due to overbook of the there gulets. most of the yachts are booking at least of 7 nights ..


Gulet yacht tours start at 3:00 pm and ends at 10:00 am after breakfast.

Weekly yacht charter rates include crew , petrol , harbour taxes in Turkish waters. Snorkels, basic fishing lines, sea toys, canoes are free of use during gulet yacht charters.


Please pay attention that not all gulets are same in the service that they have on board. Please Check in detail ,before booking the Yacht .


The most basic item is to note down that air conditioning, if It is valid   for your gulet, may only be used at limited times of the day to minimize the noise polution. and to save the energy.


Also, mostly our gulets have the capacity to ‘sail’, the use of sails is at the usage of the captain. Sailing depends on the weather conditions and the itinerary being scheduled.

Aditionally watersports, powered watersports are not used on all yachts. Yachts that have this option available may charge extra for the service (cost of fuel). Please check with us first if you are unsure.







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