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Blue Cruise Charter

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Blue cruise charter types …


When you dream of a different holiday, I do remember a blue cruise that can sail along the beautiful coastline in Turkey. Turkey is surrounded with sea, we have plenty of places to live the privacy on your  own. we have so many clients from different countries. The harmony of lovely cruise offers you an unforgettable experience in your lifetime. You will be the only person that can feel this unusual event.


There are two  types of chartering for the charterers. One is cabin charter, one is private yacht charter. Cabin charter means, you do rent the cabin for yourself and you are sharing the yacht with another group of people. Private charter means, you do rent the yacht on your own. You do  create your route private, you do choose your own menu. Which one is more exclusive ? Of course private yacht charter. Mostly people choose private yacht charter, but It is a question of budget infact. If your budget is limited, you can prefer cabin charter.

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